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Bulk Quinoa - 3 Pieces of Advice for Buying It

When you're looking to buy bulk quinoa, there are a few things to think about

1) What Makes a Package of Quinoa Bulk?

First, what do you consider to be bulk quinoa? Are you thinking that 5 pounds would qualify a package of quinoa to be considered bulk? What about 10 pounds? 15?

In the world of quinoa, most people consider a package of quinoa weighing 25 pounds or more to be bulk. Yeah, there's marketing speak that paints a 5 pound bag of quinoa as "bulk". It just isn't.

So, is that what you're looking for 25 pounds plus of quinoa? If so, keep reading

2) Why Do You Want Bulk Quinoa Anyway?

The second question to ask yourself is what are you planning to use this quinoa for? Here's what I mean

For Business?

Are you a business? Are you trying to find a source of quinoa that you can turn around and resell to others? If so, I would check out United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI). UNFI sells quinoa in bulk to businesses. But you do need to be a business! That means having a sales tax ID or seller's permit or whatever your state issues to businesses that charge sales tax. If you don't have one of those, UNFI won't sell to you.

For Pleasure?

But I assume most of the visitors to this site aren't businesses. You're likely a consumer someone who just wants to eat the quinoa rather than sell it to someone else. So, to you I'll give one more BIG consideration

3) What Quality and Price Do You Demand of Your Bulk Quinoa?

By far, Roland sells the cheapest bulk quinoa I've found online well besides one I'll tell you about maybe in another post

The Real Price of "Cheap"

But cheap actually comes with a price that might surprise you. Just read some of the reviews on that linked page above particularly the 1 star reviews.

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Here are a few choice statements that might give you pause before going cheap

  • "Beware of bugs"
  • "Had worms"
  • "It's cheap but it's filthy dirty"
  • "Would not purchase again"
  • "so disgusting"

You get the picture. I think the message to take away from those reviews is this you get what you pay for.

You Want More Than Just Cheap

Now, cheap is good. Who doesn't love cheap?

But I think something else is going on with the typical visitor to this site. You're looking for bulk quinoa which means you're no fair-weather fan. You've come to love quinoa enough to buy 25 pounds of it, man! Your friends and family probably think you've drank the quinoa Cool-Aid! I've been there.

If you're willing to shell out over $100 for a "cheap" bag of quinoa that might have worms, I'm pretty sure you'd be willing to consider investing a little more money to get high quality quinoa.

You've Come to the Right Place

And that's the kind of bulk quinoa we sell here at Quinoa HealthyLife. There's something very un-healthy about worms in your quinoa! So, we stock bulk quinoa that's maybe not as dirt (pardon the pun) cheap as Roland but it's quality is far superior.

We stock brands you know and trust like Alter Eco, TruRoots, and more to come!

Cheap Isn't All That Matters

Listen if cheap was all that mattered to you, you'd go buy a big sack of rice for a dollar per pound and be happy. But you want quinoa. You want a lot of it. And you want the good stuff not stuff with worms and dirt in it. Fortunately, you've come to a site that sells only the good stuff.

The bulk quinoa we sell here is of the highest quality. Remember those reviews I mentioned earlier? Well, I'm just not seeing those kinds of statements made about the bulk quinoa we sell. No talk of dirt. No talk of worms. Never the use of the word "disgusting" to describe the high-quality bulk quinoa we sell here at Quinoa Healthy Life.

Taste and See

So, see for yourselves the high quality bulk quinoa we have available at our convenient Quinoa Shop.

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