Storm Damage

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Storm Damage


We live in a beautiful part of the world. Yes, the summers can be hot and the winters can get a little nippy every now and then, (I am sure our northern friends would laugh at us for classifying temperatures in the teens as “bitterly cold”) but all in all, it is hard not to admit that WE ARE BLESSED.

Mother Nature has also decided to bless us with some powerful storms that can produce very strong winds and hail. The good news is that insurance will pay to replace or repair the damage to your home.


With newer shingles, wind damage is becoming less of an issue, assuming the shingles are properly installed. But if you have older shingles there is always the risk that strong winds can or have torn shingles and ripped them off your roof. If you find shingles on the ground or have different looking areas on your roof, please have your roof checked before the next rain storm.


Although newer shingles are less susceptible to wind damage, hail damage still occurs to both old and new roofs.

So, what is hail damage? Just imagine someone climbing on your roof and pounding it with a hammer. Odds are you would not be very happy with them and you would want them to fix the damage they caused. When Mother Nature causes the damage it might be a challenge getting her to make repairs. Until then… there is insurance.


The only way your insurance company can inspect your property is by you filing a claim. Contact us first and we will inspect your roof, and if there is damage, we can explain and walk you through the confusing process of working with insurance companies to get that damage repaired.

If there is an immediate need for temporary repairs, we can also take care of that. You don’t need to wait days or weeks to get an answer from the insurance adjuster when we can inspect your roof quickly, usually within 24 hours!


Most homeowners do not remember or are not at home when the hail storm occurs. Sometimes homeowners are there to witness the storm and usually have some awesome pictures.

Hail damage cannot usually be seen from the ground. Once the storms hit and the hail has fallen, the roof is damaged. The deterioration process may take some time, but the life expectancy of the shingles has been greatly reduced.

Some insurance companies have time limits on when claims can be filed after a storm occurs. If you wait until the time limit has past, they will not cover the damage that has occurred.


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