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The Buyer and Seller have signed and a closing date is scheduled, and then along comes the inspection stating that the roof has damage. Can you get it repaired before the closing date? What if the roof needs to be replaced and neither party wants to pay for it?


The solution is to know the condition of the roof as soon as the property is listed. How? We can provide a Roof Report that shows the condition of the roof. If there are items that need to be fixed, we will either fix them for free or provide a quote to make the repairs.


An agent called us about looking at a house he would be listing soon. The roof had storm damage and although the house probably could have been sold “as is”, we were able to work with the owner’s insurance company to replace the roof. After being on the market for a while under a different agent, a new roof was installed, paid for by the property insurance company, and the new agent was able to sell the house quickly and for a higher price than the original listing.

We like to think that the new roof added curb appeal and value to the house, thereby causing the house to sell quickly. The agent must agree with us because we have helped his sellers get new roofs several times.

Ask yourself, would you rather sell a house with an old damaged roof or a house with a new roof?
We can help.


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